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Welcome to Swoboda Charters an Alaska Fishing Charter and Big Game Hunting Transporter. We offer fishing charters for Halibut, Salmon, Ling Cod, and many Rock fish species. (Visit our fishing pages for more details) We also offer hunts for Kodiak Brown Bear, Kenai Peninsula Black Bear and Kodiak Island Deer hunts. (Visit our hunting pages for more details) We are a family owned and operated business specializing in extended day charters. On these multi day charters you will get to go to the best fishing spots and have more time on these fishing spots to get the best fishing experience for your vacation. (Ling cod and Yellow eye rock fish is only fished on these multi day trips). We also offer one day charters. SEASONS: Summer Fishing: May-September. Black Bear Hunts/Fish: April-September. Kodiak Brown Bear: Spring season April-May 15th and Fall season October-November 15th. (Alaska Residents ONLY) Kodiak Island Deer Hunts: September- December Wild life Cruises: We offer these trips all summer long. Fishing Season begins picking up for Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing in the middle of June thru September. We start this season out of the Port of Homer, Alaska. Please visit our Fishing Page for more information and pricing. Alaska Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Bear Hunting, Deer Hunting We begin our Hunting Season in April and May with Un-Guided, Boat Based Kodiak Brown Bear and then Kenai Peninsula Black Bear Hunts, with Fishing mixed in, on the Kenai Peninsula. We take you to Prime Black Bear Territory, or a place of your choice, on the Kenai peninsula. The area we hunt is considered the most populated place in Alaska for Black Bear. In the Fall of each year, we begin Un-Guided Sitka Black Tail Deer Hunts on Kodiak Island. Visit our Bear Hunting and Deer Hunting pages for more information and pricing. Come explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Alaska with us on our Natural cruises. We will cruise Kachemak Bay, where sea otters flourish, eagles soar by, and hopefully, even a bear sighting is not unusual. Alaska Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Bear Hunting, Deer Hunting Alaska Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Bear Hunting, Deer Hunting Let us help you design your dream vacation. Whether it be Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Bear Hunting, Deer Hunting, or just Sight Seeing, Bird Watching, Whale Watching, or a Research Project with the need for a boat; give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs for your ultimate trip. We pride ourselves on service and and providing you with your dream vacation to the best of our ability. Alaska offers so much, the dreams are limitless. Come visit the Last Frontier – you will not regret it and never forget it.

Phone: 907-235-1230

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