Homer Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association

We hold all our Homer Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association members to our rigorous standards in Professionalism, Health and Safety, and Housekeeping and Maintenance with inspections to ensure compliance. This means that, at any of our lodgings, you are sure to be satisfied. For information on the association or to learn more about membership and join, please contact us at: info@homerbedbreakfast.com

Contact individual members for more information and to make bookings.

Our Lodging Guidelines and Standards:


  1. All advertising is truthful and accurately portrays the facility.
  2. Any policies, including cancellation policies, are clearly defined and in a prominent location.
  3. Guest inquiries and comments are responded to in a timely fashion with a high degree of friendliness and helpful hospitality.
  4. Guests are personally welcomed upon arrival or a welcome note is left in a prominent place.

Health and Safety

  1. The health and safety of guests are top priorities at all times.
  2. Functional Smoke Alarms are in all guest rooms and common areas. Functional Carbon Monoxide Detector(s) are located near potential CO source(s).
  3. Identifiable and functional fire extinguishers are in the kitchen, furnace room, and bedrooms or adjacent hallways.
  4. Emergency and host contact numbers plus street address are posted prominently.
  5. Every guest room has two exists to the outside and guests receive emergency exit instructions.
  6. Bedroom/bathroom doors and exterior windows that open have interior locks.
  7. Tub/shower bottoms and area rugs are non-skid.
  8. Kitchen, food preparation, and serving areas are safe, clean, and orderly with good sanitation and hygiene practices in evidence.
  9. Refrigerators kept at 40 degrees or colder.
  10. Pets, if on site, do not enter the food preparation/serving areas during meal preparation and serving.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

  1. Facilities are maintained at the highest standard of cleanliness and repair at all times.
  2. Maintenance projects are undertaken with regard to minimal guest impact.
  3. Exterior buildings and grounds are well-kept and present good roadside appeal.
  4. Entrances, parking areas and walkways are well lighted, clean and free of obstructions.
  5. All public and common areas are clean, safe, well maintained, properly illuminated, and provide a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere.
  6. Sleeping rooms have clean and comfortable beds, adequate bedding (at minimum two sheets, two pillows with cases, one blanket, one top cover and pillow and mattress protectors), and privacy window coverings.
  7. Bed linens are changed for every new guest and every three days for long-term guests, unless guests agree to other arrangements.
  8. All bathrooms are cleaned daily, unless guests agree to other arrangements, and have adequate basic supplies, (for example, toilet paper, soap, adequate hot water, at least one bath towel/washcloth per guest and a bathmat or rug, and proper ventilation via a window or functioning exhaust fan).