Dean Homestead & Art Studios Tour & The Dean Gallery

40374 Waterman Rd, Homer, Alaska, United States 99603
Looking for memorable things to do in Homer, Alaska? Join Alaskan artists Ranja and Jeff Dean for this unique Homer tour.
  • Immerse yourself in our creative lifestyle as you visit an Alaskan homestead, meandering through a menagerie of art and animals, gardens, and architecture.
  • Learn about life in Alaska, fitting with the climate and following the seasons, creative building, homestead tech, gardening and landscaping, and animal and plant breeds that thrive in the North.
  • Come into our studios to see art in the making and hear about our artistic process. The tour lasts approximately two hours and ends with a visit to the Dean Gallery to see our completed works and put everything you’ve experienced into context.
  • Then, of course, there’s Yeti the yow, our 2500-pound pasture ornament.
We hope to bring some magic to your day and inspire and encourage you in your originality as we share a lifetime of inspiration, dedication, and diverse creative output.

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