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Homer Harbor - Ramp 4, Homer, Alaska, United States 99603

Tutka Tours is your gateway to the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Choose from four thoughtfully curated, transformative experiences that allow you to connect deeper with nature and discover the unparalleled beauty of this pristine wilderness.

Or design your own custom experience with full- and half-day charters available for professional photography, research projects, travel writing, sportfishing and wilderness lodge transportation.

  • 2.5-hour Wildlife & Bay Tour: Visit Gull Island where as many as 20,000 seabirds nest then motor into Peterson Bay to visit an oyster farm and see remote residences accessible only by boat or seaplane. Encounter sea otters, harbor seals, puffins and a wide variety of seabirds.
  • 5-hour Natural History Tour: Start with an enlightening overview of the Homer Harbor, delve into the elements that render Kachemak Bay one of Alaska's richest and most diverse ecosystems, then venture to various sites in the bay, including Gull Island seabird rookery, that illustrate its archeology, history & geography. Encounter sea otters, harbor seals, humpback whales; spot mountain goats, black bears & bald eagles.
  • 8-hour Marine Tour: The ultimate, immersive tour of Kachemak Bay builds on the 5-hour Natural History Tour with complementary lunch, visits to a thriving mariculture farm, a guided forest walk from Halibut Cove Lagoon & a visit to the picturesque Halibut Cove community.
  • 8-hour Exploring Seldovia Bay Tour: Tutka Tours and Seldovia Naure Tours team up to guide you to the rainforest side of Kachemak Bay. You'll visit Gull Island seabird rookery, travel to Seldovia, a charming remote village off the road system, tour Seldovia Bay then stroll through the historic town of Seldovia. The return trip through Eldred Passage is ideal for viewing sea mammals and other wildlife.

Our beautiful 30-foot catamara, F/V Silver Wake, is ready and waiting at Ramp 4 in the Homer Harbor, fully equipped with comfortable accommodations for up to 6 people.

Ready to explore? Call Captain Scott McEwen at 907-756-3578 to learn more about our tours.

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